Christmas order inspection

Place of Origin Guangdong, China (Mainland)

Detailed Product Description

The Christmas order inspection can help you gain a clear understanding if they are producing the right products.

There are two type OI services:


(1)  Factory Ability Inspection (FAI) is to perform a comprehensive check of your product manufacturer/suppliers' ability, including acreage, staff qualification, machinery, production process & capacity, quality control system, medical & fire emergency facilities, etc. Based on the factory audit report, you could be ensured if the factory meets your requirement. If you need to take a sample, we will take it and ship to you.


(2) Ship Loading Inspection (SLI) is to ensure that the products are actually those being shipped with respect to quantity, quality, trademark, markings, etc. The containers are inspected for suitability and cleanliness and also that the products are proper packed and loaded into the container. If you need to take a sample random pickup from the shipping, we will take it and ship to you.


Our OI service is like you come to China and on site to the factory to save your time and money greatly! We will send an onsite inspection report to you. OI service is very important if you order products from new supplier or order large quantity.


OI service takes 1-5 work days based on your supplier's location; you should submit your OI service request in your ETO account.


OI Services Fee:

Membership Type




$80 / day

$120 / day


$80 / day

$120 / day

Travel Cost

(1) Bus/Train/Air ticket fee: based on the ticket invoice;

(2) Hotel fee: $50/day;

(3) Travel subsidies: $15/day  


Finally, we strongly recommend you using our Onsite Inspection ( OI ) services before you order products from new supplier or order large quantity in China to prevent you from being scammed, we love to help you

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